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Happy Holidays!

I know that I have been MIA for the last little while and I would like to apologize. The holidays have been hectic and fabulous as they are every year. With so much food around, it is a wonder that everyone is not in a food coma 🙂 I love the holidays and the festive cheer that comes with them. I get a chance to spend it with those I love and care about, my family and friends. The presents are not what really matters, it is the bond that you have with people. I am thankful everyday for the people who are in my life because they are a rarity and they mean the world to me.

It seems that everywhere that I turn around I see dessert or chocolate or candy. There’s nothing wrong with having plenty of those things, but I am a chocoholic at heart and if there is chocolate anywhere near me, it will get devoured without any guilt. 🙂 Although after the New Year, I think I will hide it away for a bit, just so that my system can get back to normal and not be in chocolate shock/heaven. Haha.

Despite the fact that I have an entire week off, it does not mean that I can actually relax. I try to spend as much time with friends and family that I haven’t seen in a while. It is good to see and get together with people especially since it could be a good six months since the last time that you’ve actually seen them.

I have been reading quite a bit in between the times where it was somewhat quiet. I’ll be getting back to the rhythm of blogging more often as the holidays start to finish off and things start to go back to normal somewhat. At times like these I wish there  were more hours in the day so that I can fit everything in, but I know that even if there were, I would still need more time.

I hope you guys are enjoying the holidays, the family and friends get togethers and are looking forward to the new year! Happy Holidays!

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The Ice Rinks are almost open

The winter season is slowly approaching, yet despite the cold weather I am excited! I’ve got a cold a few times already, I’ve got sick once already, I’ve drank so much tea that it is ridiculous but I still love the winter weather. The ice rinks will be opening up in the next few days and let the ice skating begin.  It is not for everyone, especially if you don’t like continuously falling on your but and if you don’t like the cold weather. However, there is nothing better than putting on a pair of ice skates and skating to the wind or the music that’s coming from your Ipod, mp3 player or whatever you have on hand.  It’s great exercise, you get fresh air, and you get a chance to meet new people, if you are up for socializing. There’s nothing better than dragging your friends to an ice skating rink and watching them fall over and over and making a fool of themselves. The best part is being right there and doing the same thing. You’re a fool, but so are your friends. 🙂

When it is snowing or flurring lightly, it is magical to ice skate. You can close your eyes and spin and imagine. There are so many possibilities and no one to stop you. You might fall down, but the best part? You learn to get up and try again and again and again. There is no giving up here.

Do you like ice skating if you are in areas where they have ice skating rinks? Or is the cold just too much for you?

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Daylight savings time

With the clocks going back an hour, we will all get the chance to sleep in an extra hour. However not everyone is using it to catch some zzz’s. Some out there will be using that extra hour to
catch up on their reading, catch up on their favorite shows or their school work. Others will use it to go out and drink for an extra hour.

Every year I am usually really busy so I tend to catch up on my sleep. I rejoice every year on the next day because I keep telling myself I have an extra hour. 🙂 The sad part is that while we get an extra hour, it means that it gets darker faster and there is less time of having the sun out. It’s a special treat when we see the sun.

What do you do with your extra hour?

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Winter is Coming!

Crème Brule Latte, Peppermint Mocha, and Gingerbread Latte are back at Starbucks and I couldn’t be more excited. I know it’s only coffee, but for me it’s more than just the coffee and the red cups that surround it. It’s the start of the holiday season. It’s still pretty quiet but come next month, everyone will start to go crazy with the holiday spirit. Christmas shopping will be in full swing and little children will be jumping in joy at the prospect of sitting on Santa’s lap.

Winter is another great season that I enjoy, however it is only until February and then I can’t wait until spring.

There are so many different things that you can do in the winter time: ice skating, skiing, tobogganing, snowball fights, snow angels and so many more. There are so many delicious baked goods that can and will be consumed, and hot chocolate will be sipped. Let’s not forget the Christmas trees and the festivities that go into decorating those trees.

The snow itself is so magical. You can see it sparkle as it lands on your hand or makes its way to the ground.   I love how in the night time and in the morning it looks as though it is pink but in reality it’s not. Another great thing that I look forward to each year is the first snow fall.  As a child, a lot of snow would mean no school, but as an adult, I just appreciate the snow’s beauty. It is the strangest and most peaceful thing to be in a forest or somewhere where it’s snowing, and yet it is silent. It is as though you are the only person in the whole world at this moment, yet there is nothing wrong with it. The stillness surrounds you, the trees move in closer as though to welcome you to their family, and the snowflakes cascade and land on your cheeks as though to give you a kiss. That beauty of nature is fully appreciated and you don’t want to go back to reality. You just want to remain here and not change a thing.