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Waiting on Wednesday: Bombshell by Catherine Coulter

New WoWWaiting On Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Jill at  Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we’re eagerly anticipating.

Bombshell by Catherine Coulter

 Publishing: July 9, 2013

 Publisher: Putnam Adult

 Summary (Goodreads): FBI Special Agent Griffin Hammersmith, last seen in Backfire, has been recruited by Dillon Savich to join his unit in Washington, D.C. Savich sees something special in Hammersmith, an almost preternatural instinct for tracking criminals.

While on his way to D.C., Hammersmith plans to visit his sister, Delsey, a student at Stanislaus School of Music in Maestro, Virginia. Before he arrives, he gets a phone call that Delsey was found naked, unconscious, and covered with blood after a wild party. The blood isn’t hers—so who does it belong to?

Meanwhile, back in D.C., Savich and Sherlock have their hands full when the grandson of former chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank is found murdered, every bone in his body broken, and frozen at the foot of the Lincoln Memorial. Was Savich right—is Griffin gifted with a unique ability to “see” how criminals think? And will he figure out who was behind the attempt on Delsey’s life—before it’s too late?

Personal Thoughts: I enjoyed the previous book Backfire in the series and I will be picking this one up when it comes out. How come it’s so far away? The plot sounds juicy, my favorite characters are back for another adventure to catch the bad guys and there is a new team member that will be joining them. Come on July, get here already. 🙂 I know that I have a really long TBR pile to keep me occupied, but some times you just want to jump into the next book in the series.

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Book Review: Backfire by Catherine Coulter

Backfire by Catherine Coulter

Published: July 10, 2012

Publisher: Putnam Adult

Source: Library

In this latest FBI thriller, the team duo Lacey Sherlock and  Dillon Savich are back to kick some ass! When their friend Judge Ramsey Hunt gets shot in San Francisco, they are out on the first flight to catch the culprit. Things become even more intriguing when the federal prosecutor,  Mickey O’Rourke goes missing on the case of Cindy and Clive Cahill.

At the same time that the shooting happens, an ominous note arrives for Savich at the Hoover Building: YOU DESERVE THIS FOR WHAT YOU DID. It is a puzzle that needs to be solved, but it is no match for MAX, Savich’s sidekick. The security tapes reveal nothing regarding who delivered the note and everyone is left scratching their heads. Who and why did someone shoot Judge Hunt? What did Savich do to get such an ominous note? Can they solve the puzzle before it is too late?

Personal Thoughts: Ohh this book was filled with so many plot twists and turns. I love seeing Sherlock and Savich in action again. I love these two characters and I will pick up any book with them in it, without any question because I know their back story and I know that I will not be disappointed.

The backstory of Eve and Harry made things even more interesting and seeing them bicker back and forth was amusing. What can I say, I loved this book and was not disappointed in the least. 🙂

A few scenes made me read at the speed of light speed just to find out what happens to Sherlock and Savich. Don’t you hate it when there’s an action scene and you have to find out what happens, yet you are fighting yourself to not skim ahead and find out right away? It is always a challenge for me. I can’t wait to read the next installment! 🙂