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Drifting Apart…

Why do people drift apart?

Life is often an eye opener to those around us. It speaks even when we don’t want to listen and just want to ignore what is happening around us. It is often a harsh reality that we only see when we are at our lowest point. It is also the sweetest thing that you can experience. 🙂

One thing that I’ve been thinking about lately is why some people drift apart and others don’t. There are a lot of reasons such as life itself, distance, work,etc. However, when it comes down to it, it is really how much effort one is willing to put into a relationship. It can be a friendship, a relationship or a family member.

I’ve known some people since high school and we don’t see each other often, yet when we do meet up or talk, it is as though we have known each other forever, and it hasn’t been six months since we’ve seen each other last. There are others that I knew for a short period of time and I felt like we were really close, then something happened and I barely see them now. What interests me is the fact that I am the one that is always trying to set something up or contacting them, yet nothing comes out of it. It is always the same response ” yeah we should meet up soon, it’s been a while”, “I haven’t seen you in ages, let’s meet up”. Although these responses say one thing, they are probably meaning an entirely different thing.

When one person is always attempting to meet up, or contacting the person first and the secondary person barely makes an effort, it most likely means they don’t want to be friends with you because they are not making any effort to keep the friendship alive. It just frustrates me that this happens to everyone on a daily basis and there is not much we can do about it. We can either keep on trying or just let go. Personally I am one of those people who will do quite a bit and wait quite a while before giving up. When others give someone two or three changes before giving up, I give a person a lot more. This does make it harder for me especially when I lose a friend, and it is not even my fault, but due to their lack of interest.

What do you guys do when someone you know is lacking interest in your relationship or has drifted from what you once had? Do you give up after a few tries or keep on trying?


Book Review: The Time Keeper

The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom

Published: September 4, 2012

Publisher: Hyperion

The Time Keeper was such a precious book. I saw it at my local library and the cover piqued my interest. I scanned the back and grabbed it. I’ve never read this author before, but the cover and the subject matter was just too strong a pull for me to ignore.

The Time Keeper is about Dor, a boy who is born 6,000 years ago and is fascinated by counting things. Water drops, steps, hops, you name it he will count it. Through perseverance, he starts to create something that has never been created before. Imagine the days when the days stretched out before you and there was no need to rush anywhere.  Slowly Dor creates time, and seals his fate. He is banished by the Gods to a cave where he hears the pleas from others asking for more time.

The only way to end his torture and banishment is to help two other souls in the future, way in the distant future.

Personal Thoughts:

I loved this book. I found it a jewel that’s going straight to my collection. The story of Dor and what he goes through touched my heart. The thing that is the most important, more important than the time that he creates is the love of his life Alli. It only takes him thousands of years to finally realize it.

The themes in this book showcase that despite our technological advancements, we have forgotten the precious commodity that we already have but neglect: the simple things in life. I always say it and I know others do as well: I wish I had more time. This book reminds me that I can have it if I just reflect on the small, simply things that are already in my life that make time irrelevant. My family, my friends, that special someone. These need to be cherished because they are the precious things in life that stick around no matter what happens.