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Book Review: Kiss of Fury

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Kiss of Fury by Deborah Cooke

Published: August 5, 2008

Publisher: Signet

Source: Library

Summary (Goodreads) : Alexandra Madison has discovered an invention that could change the world. When her partner is murdered and their lab destroyed, Alex knows she has to rebuild her prototype in time…

Donovan Shea knows the Madison project is of dire importance to the ongoing Pyr/Slayer war. So when he sees Alex being followed by a Slayer, he reacts and defends her, never imagining that she’s his destined mate…

As Slayers close in on their prey, Donovan knows he’ll surrender his life to protect Alex—and lose his heart to possess her…

Personal Thoughts:  This book was action filled from the first page right to the last page. Although the characters did not start to grow on me until half way through the book. It felt very choppy in the beginning  and I couldn’t really grasp the characters. It seemed as though the author wanted to input as many details as possible into the first part of the book before we finally got into the story. That being said, the character development was lacking in some of the characters. You could tell that Alex, Donovan, Sara and Quinn were really well-developed and likable. The other characters were more or less fillers to have in the book.

I loved the interaction between Alex and Donovan and how they struggled against the firestorm. Their attempts to cheat out the firestorm were amusing and highly entertaining. The power of wills was definitely at play between these two characters and it was just a waiting game to  see who would give up first and who would accept the inevitable.

I wish the author took more time for the secondary characters and gave them somewhat of the back story and a purpose aside from saving the Pyr and the world. The plot itself was interesting and fast paced. There wasn’t any particular time where it was going slow and where we would lose interest. Although I enjoyed reading it, it has a lot of things lacking and it is shallow in some parts.

Rating: 3/5 Stars


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