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March.. going vegetarian for 31 days

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No Meat for 31 Days

For the month of March my boyfriend Thomas and I are going vegetarian. That’s right, no meat for 31 long days.

Why you may ask? Well Thomas is probably doing it to support me and to make it easier. They do say that it is easier to do something if someone else is doing it with you, since they give you motivation and support when you need it most. I don’t really have a concrete reason for going vegetarian. Maybe it’s to challenge myself and see what vegetarians go through on a daily basis. It could also be my way of extending my palate into new territory of food. There are a lot of recipes out there that I have only started to discover and they don’t even have meat in them.

It won’t be easy since I do like to eat meat from time to time and I’ll definitely need to find new sources of protein to keep my body strong. I think doing this will not only challenge me to find alternatives, but really open my eyes to the other side and maybe I’ll start to understand why some go so far as vegan. (No meat, no dairy).

Let’s see where this goes and where we end up at the end of the month. I think what is really intriguing me is what I will do after the 31 days are up. Keep it going or go back to eating meat once in while? Hmm.

Note: Day one is going good so far 🙂


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