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Book Review: Redemption’s Lament

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Storm dark clouds over fieldRedemption’s Lament by Carlyle Clark

Published: Novemeber 17, 2012

Publisher: Make Luck Press

Source: Library Thing Member Giveaway

Synopsis (Goodreads) : Redemption, Arkansas exists outside of time and space and the crossroads of folklore and fantasy – a town so full of magical and mythical beings that the least likely thing a townsperson would be is . . . a person.

Junior Walker, Redemption & Me: The devil hunkers in the swamp outside Redemption, taunting and tormenting the residents of the mythical town, but man-mountain Junior Walker aims to beat the devil at his own game.

Witchblood Blues: An ancient evil carries a blizzard with him from the arctic, intent on creating a new Ice Age, only three people stand between him and success: the mysterious Mr. Amen, Madame Goodnight, and a little witchgirl . . .

The Storm: Multi-Dimensional wayfarers, Storyweaver Solly Mont and the irreverent Jack O’Green, Trickster Lord of the Faerie Court, have been lured to Redemption for a showdown with the first murderer himself, Cain Bloodspiller, and the mercenary Jacque Blaque, the gunslinging avatar of Death, but Cain ever has more than one plan . . .

Cold Night at Bludgate: Storyweaver Solly Mont and Trickster Jack O’Green play a pivotal role in sending Jimmy Stumps to Redemption’s infamous Bludgate prison where he learns his life sentence could be far longer than his life.

Redemption’s Lament: Living legend Junior Walker is facing execution in Redemption’s main square, and the only man who can save him is the very man who arranged his unjust fate.

Personal Thoughts: My overall thought on this collection of short stories is that they were interesting and intriguing to read, however, there were other things that made it difficult to read. The writing style bothered me through each story. The way that the author writes, with the words misspelled in a unique way just did not make my reading experience enjoyable. I understand that it’s a style but it is not for everyone. There is a way to do it in a way that you can get the point across and the reader won’t even notice it, however, this was not the case in this book.

I am usually into fantasy and magic and because of that I was excited to take a chance on this author. However, in this book I just couldn’t get into it and I was disappointed.

Overall it was a good book, but just not for me.

Rating: 3/5 Stars


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