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Music Wednesdays: Still Young by Neon Trees

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“Still Young” by Neon Trees

Love is a game that we could play
Even only for today
I don’t wanna lose you
We’ve been apart for far too long
Now we only have a song
Let the music move you
There was a part of me
That never left a part of you
I wish I could be everything you wanted
But I’m still young
Wide-eyed and hopeless
Yeah I’m still young
I want your devotion to this
Can we kiss like we do in my head
Can we dance like we do on my bed
Like we’re still young
Love is a loss that we incur
When we gamble with the world
I don’t wanna lose you
I feel my life has just begun
I can hear you singalong
Now the music in you
There was a part of me
That never left a part of you
I wish I could be everything you wanted
Personal Thoughts: I haven’t done a Music Wednesday in quite a while, and today felt like one of those days that’s calling out to me. This song just invokes so much emotion within me. Although this song is about love, it reminds me about so many other things in my life. It makes me remember the times that weren’t as real as they are these days. Mind you, the world is always real, but the ability to escape for a while or just pretend sometimes that it’s not real is what is missing.

I miss the times that I could dream about so many things and attempting to accomplish them. Nowadays it is so much harder to go after what you want. It is not for a lack of passion, but maybe it is out of fear, the reality surrounding me or something else entirely.

They say that we are usually our own worst enemies and we prevent ourselves from becoming the best that we can. Is it true? In some ways it is and in other it is not. There have been obstacles where I almost broke down and didn’t want to keep going, yet after a bit of time, I said enough is enough and got back on my feet. At other times, you just don’t want to get back up even though you know that you have to.

My question to everyone is: When you have been beaten in trying to achieve a dream/a goal, where do you get your inspiration to get back on your feet and keep fighting?


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