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Book Review: Twist of Fate

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 Twist of Fate by Jayne Ann Krentz

Published: March 1, 1991

Publisher: Severn House Publishers

Source: Library

Synopsis (Goodreads): Cloistered as a faculty member at a small college, beautiful Hannah Jessett can almost forget her family heritage. Few know she’s the niece of Elizabeth Nord, the legendary anthropologist who stunned the world with her revolutionary work–until her aunt dies, leaving Hannah in sole possession of her priceless unpublished journals.

But Hannah has other matters to contend with. Her brother’s company is about to be destroyed by Gideon Cage, a wealthy entrepreneur with a notorious reputation in the boardroom… and the bedroom.

When she confronts Gideon, all she sees is a powerful man with a fast smile and soft eyes. Yet before she can catch her breath and really understand this puzzle of a man, her whole world is suddenly threatened: her brother, her aunt’s legacy, her heart–and her life!

Personal Thoughts: I came across this book by accident since it came out quite a while ago. However, since it was by one of my favorite romance contemporary authors I dived right in with no  qualms about whether I would enjoy it or not.

Both Hannah and Gideon were a laugh riot throughout the book with their bickering, playing tug of war and just trying to figure out what each of them wanted. The character development was complete and it made me think of Hannag and Gideon as real people and I was able to relate to them. Krentz writing style was great as always and it made my reading experience great.  Overall I enjoyed reading this book and will continue to read this author. There are always surprises and twist and turns that pop up and intrigue you.

Rating: 4/5 Stars


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