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Book Review: This Year At Home

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New This Year at Home 800 This Year At Home: A Short Story by Sarah Bridgeton

Published: January 27, 2013

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

Source: Library Thing Giveaway

Synopsis (Goodreads):   Last year, Rebecca Levine was relentlessly bullied at school and tried to kill herself. An emotional wreck, she left for a study-abroad program in Israel. Now she has come home, ready to face the kids who tormented her—with a game plan to catch them. But things don’t go according to plan. Can Rebecca stand up for herself, and can she forgive her ex-best-friend who backstabbed her?

Personal Thoughts:  This is a short story about bullying, moving on with your past and learning to stand up for yourself. I found this story a quick read yet it was a thought-provoking read. It brings up the issues on bullying, suicide and high school issues to the fore front and makes you think about their impacts.

I loved Rebecca’s and Collins characters the most and there was good character development. The issue of second chances and forgiving was also  touched upon. One thing that I would have liked is if this was a novel instead of a short story. I think it would have a bigger impact and we would see what happened to Rebecca in the past and see how she dealt with those issues. Overall, the authors writing style was great and the story moved quickly. I will definitely be checking out the author’s other short story installments.

Rating: 4/5 Stars


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