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Book Review: Resurrection Flowers

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Resurrection Flowers by H.C. Turk

Published: January 21, 2009

Publisher: Smashwords

Source: Library Thing Members Giveaway

Summary (Amazon) :Rod Hill, a construction worker in Florida, is accidentally killed. The next day, he regains consciousness. Doctors consider his revival miraculous. An FBI agent, Vernon Nielsen, is sent to scrutinize Rod for signs of fraud. Vernon is convinced that Rod is genuine. Vernon’s wife, Ethel, establishes a web-site for the Resurrected Man. Using unauthorized FBI gear, the Nielsens plant a video camera on Rod. Millions of people view his every movement.

In the European nation of Kharnstan, members of a religious cult learn of Rod Hill. A priestess, Aeva Tbolski, is sent to America to analyze Rod’s spirit. If he is either ghost or demon, Aeva will return him to the afterlife.

Trying to account for his survival, Rod ventures to areas of living and dying across the world: A corpse-revival ritual in Africa. The birth of a child in Europe. An assisted suicide in America. He receives funding from his adherents, who study their computers for news of the returned man. Aeva becomes Rod’s companion. Though Aeva saves Rod’s life in Africa, she still must decide if he is worthy of life.

In this quirky, unique novel, which is driven by both humor and intelligence, Rod stumbles between living and dying, creating an astonishing mess in between. Though rife with events stemming from passion and personal conflict, RESURRECTION FLOWERS is not sensationalist, but substantial, and memorable in its sentiment.

Personal Thoughts: This book was really hard to get into.  I really don’t like giving negative reviews, but with this one I have no choice. It is not that the story is bad, it is the way that it was written and separated into the sections within the book.  This is the first book in a really long time that I just wanted to put down and not finish, however, I am not one to leave things unread, so I prevailed and finished it.

I think that this book could have  been a lot better if the writing style was different. Also, if there were parts that didn’t go back and forth without a clear explanation. I just felt that this was written quickly and wasn’t edited properly. I thought the concept would be interesting and that’s why I began to read it, however I was really disappointed.

Rating: 1.5/5 Stars

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