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Music Wednesdays: Following the Sun by Enigma

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Following the Sun by Enigma

Following the sun, to find the one
Who’s given you the wings to fly
Following the sun, the golden one
Losing sense for space and time

I’m following the sun
To find the one who
Can feel the waves of life
Can you hear the sigh of love
Do you believe in it?

Following the sun, just for the one
Till you find the door you thought
Following the sun, like everyone
Just searching for a sign of hope

I’m following the sun
To find the one and look
up in the sky, see the billion stars above.
Cause maybe on one of them you’ll spend
your further life.

I’ve been a fan of Enigma for the longest time, however, it has only been recently that I came across this song by them.  Interestingly enough, it was already on my ipod, but I never ran across it when I shuffled the songs. This isn’t the first time that it has happened and it makes me wonder whether the song shows up just when you need it. What I mean by that is:  either something significant might be happening in your life, the mood that you are in or something that needs to be done and by listening to a particular song, it happens or vice versa.

This song is peaceful and it soothes, but it also inspires. Awhile back when I was first listening to it, I just started writing and didn’t stop until two or three hours later. I looked up and realized that the time flew by because I was so lost in the world that I was writing about. Very few songs are able to do that to me and this is one of those songs. It might have lyrics, but they do not get in the way of your thought processes, your thinking and living in the world that you are creating.

Do you have moments where something just stands out, when before it was right in front of you, but you did not notice it?


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