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The Ice Rinks are almost open

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The winter season is slowly approaching, yet despite the cold weather I am excited! I’ve got a cold a few times already, I’ve got sick once already, I’ve drank so much tea that it is ridiculous but I still love the winter weather. The ice rinks will be opening up in the next few days and let the ice skating begin.  It is not for everyone, especially if you don’t like continuously falling on your but and if you don’t like the cold weather. However, there is nothing better than putting on a pair of ice skates and skating to the wind or the music that’s coming from your Ipod, mp3 player or whatever you have on hand.  It’s great exercise, you get fresh air, and you get a chance to meet new people, if you are up for socializing. There’s nothing better than dragging your friends to an ice skating rink and watching them fall over and over and making a fool of themselves. The best part is being right there and doing the same thing. You’re a fool, but so are your friends. 🙂

When it is snowing or flurring lightly, it is magical to ice skate. You can close your eyes and spin and imagine. There are so many possibilities and no one to stop you. You might fall down, but the best part? You learn to get up and try again and again and again. There is no giving up here.

Do you like ice skating if you are in areas where they have ice skating rinks? Or is the cold just too much for you?


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