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Book Review: Blazing the Trail

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Blazing the Trail by Deborah Cooke

Published: June 5, 2012

Publisher:NAL Trade

Source: Library

The conclusion of the series brings more action, more spell singers, and even more Mages than even, giving Zoe a tough time and doubting herself and those around her about whether  they can actually defeat the bad guys.

Zoe and her dragon gang, along with the rest of the shape shifters join forces and work together. Her dreams become even more vivid and she starts to question her own sanity. What is real, what has happened and what is still yet to happen? Can she change the future and prevent a bloodbath that she keeps seeing in her dreams? Time is running out and she must act fast or everyone will be eliminated forever and the Mages will take over!

Personal Thoughts:

Wow what a fabulous conclusion to the dragon diaries series! This book had a lot of the action from the other two books, but better. There were a lot of plot twists and turns where I was sitting on the edge of my seat just waiting to see what was going to happen. The Mages and the Shadow Eaters were back and fiercer than ever. I loved how the author found another way to bring back the group of shape shifters in a finale battle that would ultimately eliminate the Mages and return things back to normal.

One thing that didn’t really sit well was the way that Jared just entered the scene in his typical fashion and Derek was just dropped for a while. One minute he is in and the next thing we hear from him only at the end when the battle begins. Also, the story didn’t focus so much on the parents this time around and they were missing in action.

The writing was fluid, fast paced and included just enough description to keep reading. I loved the beautiful cover with the dragon graphics and the dragon smoke implemented within.  I loved the descriptions of the dragons and the Mages and it made me see them crystal clear in my mind.  The conclusion of the series was brought to a great close. The characters were all fully developed by the end and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing them all work together to accomplish their goals. The love triangle between Derek, Zoe and Jared made me squirm because I liked both of the guys and I was rooting for Zoe to follow her heart. I loved how no matter what happened Zoe still managed to find a solution and kick dragon ass! She is a great character, strong, smart and a great leader. Great conclusion!


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