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Book Review: The Alchemist

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The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Published:May 1, 1993

Publisher:Harper Collins


The Alchemist is about going after your dreams and never giving up, no matter how hard the road might go or how comfortable we get. It’s about how one boy, Santiago, embarks on a journey that takes him from being a simple sheppard, to traveling the world in search of a treasure.

Through his travels, he goes from his home in Spain and  visits the markets in Tangiers and the Egyptian desert, comes aross an Englishman and an alchemist. All these characters have a significant meaning and show him one step closer to his dream of finding the treasure.

The Alchemist shows us what we sometimes forget about when we get caught up in our daily lives. It shows us that we should listen to our hearts, follow omen’s that are out there and follow our dreams, no matter how long it might take us to accomplish them.

Personal Thoughts:

The Alchemist was a magical book for me. Its story held me captive throughout the whole adventure that Santiago ventured on. The writting was beatifully written and held just enough details.

This book showed a lot of lessons that we already know like listening to our hearts, following omen’s and most importantly following our dreams. It kind of struck a cord within me because I have been letting a few of my dreams lay dormant due to life. It is not an excuse and I should stop being afraid and go after them, like Santiago did. He was a very likely character as well as the alchemist, Englishman and the king. Each of them was like a stepping stone where by meeting them, Santiago was one step closer.

The way that the overall fable was written spoke as few books have. It didn’t preach or tell you what to do, it just showed you a person’s journey and leave the rest to you. I loved it. It may have been simple, but it was effective. I found this book very hard to describe because of its effectiveness and its messages. Some things are better left unspoken because it is up to the reader to find out the magical quality of the story.


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