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Election Day- What’s in store?

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Election Day is happening tomorrow in the United States. I know that many of you have been following the progress of the campaigns and what each candidate had to say. I myself don’t live in the United States, however I do have family there. I am not really into politics, but some times I take a glance into that deep, dark and murky world. The injustice, corruption and greed that happens within the walls of politics are too much for me to handle.

It shouldn’t matter where you live, because whoever gets elected will have an impact on the whole world. That is what happens when a country has that kind of power. The United States doesn’t have the power that it used to over the world, but it has enough to cause a lot of damage. Prime example is the 2008 recession.

Both of the candidates have their visions and those visions are really different in the directions that they will take. I personally think that Obama will do a better job and he appeared a lot stronger in the debates than Romney did. I believe that this election will have a dramatic impact on the country and most likely on the world in the next four years. I hope the people know what they are doing when they go out to vote, and I hope they actually go out to vote. When it comes to the numbers, sometimes a single vote can make all the difference.

Election Day will be a day to remember. Let’s see what happens.


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