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Toronto chocolate show

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Who doesn’t love overindulging in chocolate? I went to a chocolate show at the Roy Thomson Hall with a few people to see what it was all about. Imagine a place where every few steps there is a table with chocolate that can be sampled. Milk chocolate , dark chocolate , chocolate with nuts , with fruit, melting chocolate, fondue chocolate. Let’s just say that we binged on way too much chocolate and didn’t care about the calories.

I got to say that despite tasting delicious and decadent chocolate, the show itself was a disappointment. There weren’t that many areas of interaction and it didn’t encourage you to stay for the entire day. You could taste and circle the hall in about an hour and be ready to head out. I wish there were workshops or something to interact with the audience. There were a few but definitely not enough. I don’t think I will be coming back to this particular event next year, especially for what it is priced.



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