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Nanowrimo- National Novel Writing Month

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It’s November and you know what that means. It’s National Novel Writing Month. It’s a challenge for authors everywhere to write a novel in 30 days that is 50,000 words in length. That is roughly 1,666 words every day, which doesn’t seem to be that daunting when you break it down.

Would you be able to persevere through something like this? It would take a lot of time and hard work, lots of coffee and stress, but the end result would definitely make you proud of yourself.

I won’t be participating this year, but I am going to be challenging myself next year.

What I will attempt to do is start to write a post a day, which I know will be difficult as well. I know that some bloggers can post several times in a day, but right now I am not there yet.  With hard work, I know that I can write a post a day.


Question to my readers: Anyone out there participating in Nanowrimo? Has anyone ever done it in the past? What was your experience?



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