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Book Review: The Art of Choosing

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The Art of Choosing by Sheena Iyengar

Published: March 1st 2010

Publisher: Twelve

Over a week ago, my boss came into the office and dropped something on my desk. All he said was, “read this by Monday”. It was a book called, “The Art of Choosing“.  At first I wondered if he was trying to tell my something by giving me this type of book, but being a book lover, I just picked it up and went along with it.

Would you like to choose from 3 varieties or 10? How do you decide of what to wear in the morning? What time to get up or how to choose the right RRSP? What would you do if you had to choose between keeping your baby on life support or pulling the plug? The author goes on to show us making a choice or having someone do it for us can have an impact. Through a variety of tests done on both animals and humans, the author demonstrates the impact of having  a variety of selection and choices.

Personal Thoughts:

Although psychology and the mystery’s of the mind do fascinate me, I tend to stray away from psychology books. Books are usually an escape and let my mind wonder off to whatever world I select at the time. However, with psychology books are more analytical and require a lot of thought and pondering. That is why, although I tend to pick one up once in, I don’t read them every day.

That being said, I found this book fascinating. Who knew we make so many choices in a day? From when we wake up, to what to wear, eat, which method of transportation, and much more.  When you take a closer look, it is a surprise our minds haven’t gone into information over load, but with the amount of choices and not information. In reality, at first it seems to be a lot, but with time, like a habit, we get used to it and it becomes automatic.  We all love having choices , but it was interesting to read that having too much choice can overwhelm us and make us choose poorly. It was definitely worth reading this interesting take on something that we as human being in the Western society take for granted.


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