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Word on the Street

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The bad weather didn’t stop people from attending.
Photo courtesy of Word on the Street

It was a blistery, cold and miserable day this past Sunday, but that didn’t stop me from heading out to enjoy Word on the Street, the book and magazine festival at Queen’s Park in Toronto.

This year I took it up a notch and not only did I attend, but I was also a volunteer for the festival. I helped out the hosts and authors at the Workshop Marquee tent where I was stationed at. I was also able to listen in and take in the sessions as well. A lot of the sessions were very beneficial for me since I am an aspiring writer.

The sessions ranged from how not to get published, getting a book to become a best seller, critiquing the audiences pieces of work and many more. Depending on what the session was about, the authors held the audience’s attention with a tight fist. Some sessions had a few people listening and attending, while others were packed with no seating left over and the tent surrounded.

The next best thing was the rows and rows of books that were on display, awaiting their new owners. It was like they were screaming ‘pick me, pick me’ 🙂 Ahh it just made me smile seeing so many books out. As a book lover, this is one of my favorite festivals to attend. There is just so much to do and see, and there is never enough time. I wish they would extend it to make it a two day event, but they have been doing this for the past 20+ years, so I doubt they will change it. I guess I should find a way to clone myself once or twice over so that I can see all the sessions I want, go to all the booths I want and just enjoy the festival 🙂 hehe.

Another great thing was seeing familiar faces. I saw so many industry professionals that I know, former classmates that I went to school with and who now work in the industry and professors who taught me. The book publishing industry is a small industry so once you know a few people, you meet a few more and you eventually know a lot of people. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy seeing everyone again.

Great success Word on the Street! I can’t wait until next year’s event.


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