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Camping in Paris

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I went camping this past long weekend with two other people. Yeah I know it is cliché since the majority of people either go up north to their cottages or go camping. It’s summer though so it does not matter and I am a nature girl at heart. It rained the majority of the time that we were there or was overcast, but that didn’t stop me from venturing out. A little rain never hurt anyone.
On one of my hikes/walks (I took a lot so I’ll just mention one  ), as I was walking and as the rain drizzled around me I realized that there is no other place that I would rather be in.

I was surrounded by greenery on every corner, the trees surrounding me like a blanket. I came across a deer and I just stared at it with wonder in my eyes. It was minding its own business and I was trying to remain as still as possible to prolong the experience. It eventually galloped away and what a beauty that was.

With my surroundings being as still as I was aside from the sounds of nature, it felt like I was the last person on the planet. There were no worries, no phone calls or emails to check or worry about, no pressures from the outside world. My mind was able to empty itself out from everything except what was around me and I had no problems with it. It is nice to get away.

Later that night sitting in front of the camp fire and listening to the sounds of the water and the crickets, I started to get that feeling once it starts to get dark. What’s in that dark area where the light doesn’t cover? What was that sound of the twigs breaking? Is someone waiting somewhere between the trees and just waiting to jump out and scare us? Why is it that once the sun sets and it gets dark, you start to think the worst. It is always like this when I am going camping and the odd thing is that some nights I don’t think this way, while others I do.

I binged on marshmallows as usual 😉 what’s a camping trip without stuffing your face on marshmallows? Let’s just say it’s not such a great idea at the end.

Overall the trip was way too short as long weekends tend to be. Each day tends to blend to the next and then you wake up and it is time to head back to the real world.


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